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Automate mission-critical emails

Otomailer is a web-based application for automating priority, non-marketing emails & attachments.

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  • Schedule & Send Updates to Investors

  • Generate & Send Test Results to Patients

  • Generate & Send Reminders & Notices to Tenants

  • Generate & Send Digital Certificates to Sellers

  • Schedule & Send Package Expiry Notifications to Customers

  • Schedule & Send Product Availability Updates to Suppliers

  • Schedule & Send Onboarding Emails to Tenants

  • Schedule & Send Regulatory Updates & Deadline Reminders for Compliance to Clients

  • Schedule & Send How-To Guides to Users

  • Generate & Send Notices to Residents

  • Generate & Send Digital Certificates to Investors

  • Generate & Send Notices to Customers

  • Schedule & Send Invites to Donors & Members

  • Schedule & Send Onboarding Instructions to Customers

  • Schedule & Send Deadline Reminders to Clients

  • Schedule & Send Deadline Reminders for Compliance to Clients

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Lazada University uses Otomailer to send personalised certificates to sellers.

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pitchIN uses Otomailer to send personalised share certificates and updates to ECF investors.

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Quanterm Logistics uses Otomailer to send Statement of Accounts and pending invoices to customers.

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IP Sense uses Otomailer to send IP and Trademark renewal reminders and notices to clients.

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Match & Attach

Generating, match and send PDF attachments

Don't waste time matching & adding attachments to emails. Otomailer will automatically match the attachment with its intended recipient.

"Dynamic" Scheduling

Send emails before deadlines

Don't worry about coordinating deadlines and reminders. Otomailer will dynamically schedule emails for each recipient.

WhatsApp Nudges

Send follow-on WhatsApp messages

Go beyond email and use WhatsApp. Otomailer will send a personalized follow-on WhatsApp message to encourage action.


Track email open and click-through metrics

Stay on top of your analytics. Otomailer will track and record open rates and email click rates.

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Other services offered ›

Managed Service

Want to outsource your mission-critical emails? Our team will create and manage your Otomailer account for you.

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Email Audit

Are your emails going into spam? Our experts will audit your email configuration and fix relevant issues.

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Database Cleaning

Need to clean your database? Our team will verify email addresses and phone numbers for you.

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File Generation

Need to generate PDF files? Our team will generate personalized files with password protection for you.

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File Splitting

Need to split PDF files with varying pages per file? Our team will split the PDF files for you.

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Specialized Request

Have a specific use case in mind? Our team will work with you to come up with creative solutions.

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